“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife…” It is also a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a YouTube account must watch “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”.

 “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” is an online adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. Exploring all the avenues of social media, this web series, which was created by one half of the vlogbrother, Hank Green and former “Black Box TV” writer Bernie Su, changes entirely the way in which fans can fall in love and connect with the characters. For each character there is a Twitter and/or tumblr account, and in a few cases, their own vlog. For example, Lydia Bennet became so popular she had her own spin off vlog, accounting for a side of the story not completely told before.

 For all appearances, Lizzie Bennet is a real woman existing in San Francisco and gives us a biweekly account of her life. Played by the amazing Ashley Clements, 2012’s Lizzie Bennet holds true all the traits of Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet but has one outrageously better feature: a YouTube account.

 Recently, Pride and Prejudice marked its 200th anniversary, and you would think that a story so old that has been told so many times couldn’t possibly engage more fans. But you would be wrong. The creators have used many transmedia theories to produce this show entirely for Internet viewing.

 To keep cost down and to account for characters that wouldn’t make sense being on the vlog, Lizzie has become an avid user of costume theater. Through this we see the point of view from characters we will never meet, such as her mother and father.  The writers have found new ways to tell this tale. One aspect that I particularly loved (and if my tumblr has anything say about it, the other fans did too) was that we got to follow the characters around on an outing via Twitter and Instagram. In the same way any of your friends would post photos a fun day in city, we get to feel like we’re friends, living this experience with Lizzie, as opposed to simply feeling like we are watching a show. And isn’t that the best part?

 They keep major themes hinted in the show but change the characters just slightly. They don’t feel tainted – they just feel refreshed. And speaking of refreshed: it is what you will do many times after you watch the series. 

 Cut into 4-6 minute videos, it’s pretty easy to get addicted and watch the entire series in one night. I would have done so myself if Christmas hasn’t gotten in the way. The show itself is nearly a year old, but after only four months, it had already gained 85,000 subscribers on YouTube.  Not to mention the huge tumblr community that fangirls (yes this word is a verb now) over the show day in and out. As a major LBD fan, I can tell you I refresh my Lizzie Bennet tag on tumblr at least 20 times a day. 

 Bottom line: once you start “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, you will be at your computer every Monday and Thursday morning anxiously awaiting the new episode. 

You can check it all out right here »>   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6690D980D8A65D08


-Katie McCarty

I love rashida jones.

I love rashida jones.

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"The Comedy" Trailer

I’ve been a Tim and Eric fan ever since I watched the first episode of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” So when I heard that Tim Heidecker had a new movie coming out, I figured it would be more of the same.

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I just realized most of my fellow Amy fanatics have probably never seen a lot of the Amy things I’ve found over the years. So I’ve decided to start sharing. You’re welcome.

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Glee Review or A Very Extensive Explanation of Why This Show Might Not Always Suck Anymore

I’ve been hate-watching Glee now for the past two seasons, putting a LOT of energy into assuring everyone that there is actually such a thing as hate-watching, and that I don’t secretly love the show, and that I really am only keeping up with it so I can make fun of it accurately. I hate it, you guys. I really do. And that’s why I’m so darn confused right now. I didn’t hate anything about “Makeover,” I’m weirdly looking forward to next week’s episode, and I’m beginning to question my all of my judgments. Is purple really my favorite color? Do I really love turkey sandwiches? Is Joshua Jackson really my favorite famous human?!

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Parks and Recreation Review - “Soda Tax”

I make it no secret that I’m a huge fan of this show, and the second episode this season didn’t disappoint. Leslie is handling her first big push as city councilwoman, Ben is battling his interns, and Andy is trying to get in shape. I think his struggle is the most difficult.

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"Won’t Back Down" Review

I was actually particularly excited to watch this movie. I was expecting an inspirational film about the plight of failing school systems, and I found it interesting due to the teachers strike that is occurring recently.

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The Office Review - “Roy’s Wedding”

Oh, I get it. The title is referring to this being another wedding episode, possibly with some drama between Jim, Pam, and Roy, the only love triangle we’ve cared about in this entire series.

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Louie Review - Season 3

Is this a comedy anymore? It’s a question that has been discussed by a number of people that I know, and this season finale only solidifies that as being a truly dubious question.


(this image pretty much describes my life)

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