For A Good Time, Call… Review

For A Good Time, Call... Movie Poster

Are you lonely? Then call…. a friend and go see FOR A GOOD TIME CALL, the film all about doing it on the phone.

Starring co writer Lauren Ann Miller and Ari Graynor FOR A GOOD TIME CALL is the classic tale of girl meets girl through mutual gay best friend and start up a phone sex service.

When I walked into the theatre I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I found was a film full real dialogue and real moment coming from delightful characters that I felt I knew, oh and a lot of fake penises. They were so real to me, the characters not the penises; I could see myself being friends with them.

At first, the inclination is to be weirded out by the characters relationship because we so seldom see women acting so lovingly on screen; but it was so close to the relationships I have with so many of my girlfriends I realized I was crazy to think that couldn’t be portrayed on camera. This film was so charming and funny I would say it’s definitely worth the price of phone sex but also the price of admission.

Critic: Katie McCarty