The Year of the Slow Invasion into my Heart and Back Again, a Doctor’s Tale

Doctor Who ep 7.4 “The Power of Three”

dir. Douglas Mackinnon

writer. Chris Chibnall

prod. Steven Moffat & Caroline Skinner

I’m still reeling from the fact that Sherlock didn’t win any Emmy’s last night. Fortunately the Doctor was there. This was my favorite episode of the season by far and I can’t wait for next week’s episode. I have heard of people getting easily hooked on this show, now I can see myself do the same thing, and the best part is: I can’t control it. Nor do I want to.

Instead of traveling through time and space we stay right here on earth. In fact, in this episode, the Doctor makes himself at home in the Pond’s house in order to study the enigmatic invaders – black cubes tha appear out of nowere one morning. Needless to say this domestic life doesn’t suit him; he gets bored rather quickly.

Mark Williams was back as Brian Williams, Rory’s dad. Williams kept the show grounded and added much of its, ahem, humour. Despite the adverts with the Doctor carrying a limp Amy body, near the end of the episode, I was reassured that no harm would come to her or them - so sayeth The Doctor (in his chat with Rory’s Dad). It felt like all was right and good in the world when he said that. This is the exact set up needed for their departure because we are reminded why The Doctor loves them and why we love them. The three of them. Together.

Next week: Fall Finale! “The Angels Take Manhattan”

PS: So my bold prediction for the ending is that Amy will be able to get pregnant again. Without the Doctor the third power must be represented!