Promised Land Trailer

Matt Damon, in all his gas-y goodness, is in a new movie where he represents a natural gas company trying to drill on farming land. Basically, it’s There Will Be Blood without the milkshakes and bowling parties.

I have a lot of hope for the movie after the trailer. It’s an interesting look at John Krasinski as the almost-antagonist to the story. I’m really hoping that they don’t get all sappy and have Matt Damon change his ways all of a sudden, although I definitely think that’s what it’s headed toward.

I mainly have faith in the director, Gus Van Sant. Although not all of his movies have been favorites of mine, you can’t ever argue that they are directed well. The man knows what he’s doing, and this looks like a version of Milk but with gas instead of gay people.

Look for Promised Land to fart into theaters January 11.