Louie Review - Season 3

Is this a comedy anymore? It’s a question that has been discussed by a number of people that I know, and this season finale only solidifies that as being a truly dubious question.


(this image pretty much describes my life)

This episode revolved around — you guessed it — Louie’s new year’s and Christmas. The first third of the episode showed him doing what he does best: caring about his kids to an absurd level. It makes me frightened if I ever become a parent because I know I wouldn’t be half the dad Louis is.

Then, his sister, played by Amy Poehler, convinces him to go with her family to Mexico, and he runs into Parker Posey on the way to the airport. Before they can get two words in, blood erupts from her nose, and she dies minutes later. Just like that. Louis then goes to China because of a story he read to his daughter at the beginning of the episode.

I know that this episode is usually more comedy than drama, but come on, Louis. Killing off Liz just like that just about killed me. I saw her on the bus, and I thought, “wow, Louis is actually going to leave his character rightfully happy at the end of the season?” And then nope, she’s dead. It’s so much more perfect and so much more depressing.

This season has been a tremendous one. Has every episode been perfect? Of course not. But it’s had some of the best. The Parker Posey arc, the Miami episode, and of course, the Late Show trilogy will go down as some of the best episodes of anything I’ve seen.

This season leaves me so eager for next summer. What I’ve always loved about Louie is that it can do whatever it wants to make a great story, and no other show can do that. I don’t know how it didn’t get nominated for anything for the Emmys (besides Louis himself, which I’m glad he won). No other show can make me laugh, emotional, and inquisitive about everything in my life. And then throw some diarrhea humor in for fun.

Keep it up, Louis. You’ll always have our attention.

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