The Office Review - “Roy’s Wedding”

Oh, I get it. The title is referring to this being another wedding episode, possibly with some drama between Jim, Pam, and Roy, the only love triangle we’ve cared about in this entire series.

Wait, so the wedding is only a small portion of the episode? And it just serves as a way of kicking Pam and Jim’s boring relationship in the ass? Okay, thanks for playing.

I feel like this season will overly focus on stories like this. Roy is marrying some rich, beautiful woman, and their wedding shows Pam and Jim that they don’t have any newness on the horizon. I just think they could do it in a subtler way.

The other storylines annoyed me just the same. Do we really believe that Andy and Erin are so dumb that they would believe they are auditioning to be news anchors? Do we think that Dwight will cut of female David Brent’s hand? I don’t think so.

Again, the only laughs this episode got out of me were for Kevin and Creed, mostly Creed. He’s the best.

I’m really not looking forward to the rest of the season. We’re only at episode 2, and I’m bored. Oh well. See you next week.