Parks and Recreation Review - “Soda Tax”

I make it no secret that I’m a huge fan of this show, and the second episode this season didn’t disappoint. Leslie is handling her first big push as city councilwoman, Ben is battling his interns, and Andy is trying to get in shape. I think his struggle is the most difficult.

The soda tax storyline was a little too similar to the “Sweetums” episode back in season two, but it’s still interesting to see Leslie actually struggle in her beliefs toward her job. One of the best parts was another “town meeting” scene where all of the citizens voiced their concerns. I’ve always loved those.

Ben and April in D.C. are terrific. Ben playing the “cool dude” is always hilarious, especially the line “Let’s do it to it, m’dudes.” Also, Aubrey Plaza is looking hotter than ever. It’s ridiculous. She could make even an Anne storyline watchable.

Chris and Tom helping Andy get in shape was a little weak. I mean, does Chris have a job anymore? But it’s worth it just to hear Andy’s genius one-liners.

This season hasn’t dipped in quality at all, although it’s only episode two. At least I still have something to look forward to on Thursday nights.